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this one is made so funne and mann that music brings up nice memorys ;)
nice owrk and nice add to it ;)

10 4 u

That was hilarious.

It had some really funny things in it.
Loved the concept.
Makes me want to go play CCRO again.

Anyway, you've done a great job.

Very nice!

The flash was hilarious.
Going to watch it a few times over again.
Nice use of effects and all.

-Trunks (:

MasterLock responds:

Thanka yuo :D

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Awsome game.

The game is awsome, and easy.
I played it like 5 times now. The only time I actually lost was the first time, because I didn't know the patterns yet. But after that, it's too easy.

The graphics were very nice, I loved the music.
The only bad thing was the missing sound of shooting your gun. But I guess that when you would fix that, it would sound even worse.
I loved most of the voice overs. But some were a bit sloppy. Like the one were the third boss shape appears.

Anyway, nice action and there's even a sense of humor in it.
I will continue playing this game when I'm bored, but I've seen more then enough for now. Seen both endings with sound and without. And I've also did the "Onoes I'm going to die, no wait you caught me" thing. Where the chopper flies up and picks me up at the top of the screen.

Overall a 9/10 - 5/5.
Just fix some of the sounds.


Last clue

The last clue is near the "window".
This game was pretty neat, finished it first time by checking the reviews for clue's and spam clicked on everything else.

Got my guy to 100/100/100 - 100%. And i had 4 days remaining.
I didn't do anything stupid ( hacking the penthagon ).

The graphics were very nice, it has it own style.
The sounds he sometimes made were funny.
The interaction was cool: Chatting with him, the soccerball game, etc.
The only reason i'm giving this a 7/10 is because there were alot of glitches. It still needs some more anti bugging. For the rest you get an A.

4/5, 7/10.

Keep up the nice work mate.

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Fair and square

Guess it's only fair to put up a review and vote.
Thank you for letting me use it for my flash game. It's a funny loop and I'm not the only person that liked it.

The game itself has become a decent "hit" and my boss was very pleased with everything.

Once again: Thanks


Trying to get the hang out of Flash again.

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