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this one is made so funne and mann that music brings up nice memorys ;)
nice owrk and nice add to it ;)

10 4 u

That was hilarious.

It had some really funny things in it.
Loved the concept.
Makes me want to go play CCRO again.

Anyway, you've done a great job.

Very nice!

The flash was hilarious.
Going to watch it a few times over again.
Nice use of effects and all.

-Trunks (:

MasterLock responds:

Thanka yuo :D

Best episode

This is the best episode of it you made.

JujubeLock responds:


It's not bad for a first flash.

It's a pretty good first flash mate, i can still remember mine...
And to 'apocalyptic-sawn' i want to say:
Stay longer on Newgrounds before you actually say what a bad first flash is mate, This one was pretty good.

Great work

This was hilarious. Good work of humor ^^

Keep up the good work.

scrimpy responds:

Yeah, thank you!

This is good.

I myself used to be a huge dragonballz/gt fan. But it decreased alot since i didn't get to see any more episodes. But this is great. Even tho you redrawed it. It really made me like dbz a little bit more again. Good job.

And don't think i'm an ordinairy Dragonball Z liking noob. No. I just like dragonball z that's all.

-Trunks lock


That was hot, specially with Fire and You.
I don't know if i can help you with the sound. I'm having problems with my flash aswell...

But it's great tho, best work so far.
Keep up the good work.

MasterLock responds:


That was

Great Graphics and your style is awsome.
The sound was Great and gross at the same time.
No violence.

Interactivity because of the swell buttons.
And Alot of humor, specially the flamming of pk and the reaction of him to the lemonparty site.
I don't think thats his real reaction but it's still funny.
Keep up this work!


StalinClock responds:

Fuck you fricky dicky.

Funny like hell,

This was one of the most funniest things i've seen this month.
And i've seen alot of funny things.

Trying to get the hang out of Flash again.

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