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2009-01-29 08:09:02 by Trunks-Lock

What am I up to lately?

Well, I'm making a flash game for one of his domains. Link
It's going to be a penalty shoot / Ball block game.

The way it's at now is you click on a button, and the ball will move to an already pinpointed destination. No random, just luck.
The keeper will randomly jump in a direction and if the two collide, you won't get a point.

After this you'll be taken to the next screen and you're told that you are the.. goalkeeper.
After pressing go the timer will go off and after 65 frames ( 30 frames per second ) the ball will be shot in a random direction. You have to make your mouse ( two Goalkeeper gloves ) collide with the ball and thus preventing the opponent from scoring.

If you block the ball or let it slide you will be taken to the previous screen once again.
The idea is that the first player ( Human vs Computer ) that reaches 6 points, wins.

I'm currently working on the Main Menu and other Menu's... but I still have to put in the 6 point cap.

Anyway, that's pretty much what I'm working on. It's been 1-2 months or so and I have ~1 week left to go.